The Experience

A state of the art dining room and cutting-edge kitchen sets the scene at Greenhouse, where produce of the Constantia Valley and the region are presented as culinary creations in an intimate taste space. Here guests are invited on a multi-sensory journey of distinctly South African flavours, as they savour and indulge in the delectable creations of Peter Tempelhoff and his team. Greenhouse stretches the boundaries of traditional South African cuisine, brings conceptual creations from the garden, veld and sea to the plate and shares local stories and culinary insights through the dining experience. Expect the unexpected... Greenhouse is where meals translate to memories.


Our food

Release the Kraken

Legend tells the tale of fierce and terrible sea monsters that once ruled the depths of the Cape of Storms.

This epic dish is an ode to the greatest sea monster of all time, the Kraken.


Our food

Four Degrees of Cheese

The Huguenot from Dalewood Fromage is more than just a massive head of cheese.

From frozen and hard to warm and runny, this delectable dish explores the country's most versatile cheese in four flavoursome states.

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Our food

Laingsburg Lamb

A bite of Karoo lamb served with only the freshest of spring ingredients.

The lamb from Laingsburg has a particularly distinctive flavour. Since this region of the Klein Karoo enjoys both summer and winter rainfall, the herd grazes on wild herbs and fynbos throughout the year, giving the meat a truly unrivaled Karoo flavour.

Our food

Break bread with us...

We prove bread at the table to allow the guest to be part of the ancient custom of leavening bread.

Sharing this moment with guests invites them into the kitchen and helps forge a relationship between the food we eat and those who prepare it.


Our food

The Virtues of Dom Pérignon

Under the guidance of Peter Tempelhoff, Greenhouse presents a seven-course tasting menu that explores the virtues of Dom Pérignon.

From complex and vibrant to rhythmic and sensual, each course is immaculately presented and explores combinations of flavours, textures, scents and temperatures.

Our people

Peter Tempelhoff

Kitchen Maestro and Head Honcho, Peter Tempelhoff is the taste architect and ingredient innovator behind each delectable creation served at Greenhouse.

A culinary conductor of taste and smell, this gastronomical adventurer is constantly on the lookout for new ways to wow. His mantra?

“Don't stuff it up... make it nice or make it twice!”


Our people

Ashley Moss

"Ash" as he is affectionately known is a creative spark, a wistful genius and Greenhouse Head Chef on a mission.

Ash's tattooed exterior masks a gentle and kind soul who just wants to make awesome food from awesome ingredients for awesome people.


Our people

Conrad van den Heever

Ash's right hand man, and Pete's left hand man, 'Blikkies' is the Sous Chef in Greenhouse's kitchen.

He's the friendly but serious sauce assassin who adores what he does and can slice 'n dice with the best of 'em.


Our people

Amy Young

From crunchy to chewy, whether it's a crust or a croissant, Amy is the lady who makes sure that all pastry is precisely perfect.

The resident head of the Pastry Department, Amy's role is maintaining a correct consistency in all things butter and flour.


Our people

Dustin Blencowe

Dustin Hoffman's long lost brother from another mother, Dustin is Greenhouse's Front of House Manager.

Always quick with a smile and a bit of wit, this friendly-faced individual's main mission in life is to make customers happy.


Our people

Michelle Michaels

"Life is too short to drink bad wine," says Michelle, Greenhouse Somm.

This lady takes wine seriously, and loves sharing pairing information and tips and tricks with guests.

Want to know what sip goes best with what? Ask Michelle.


Our people

Cecele van Rooyen

Reservations Manager, Orders & Deliveries, Emergency Assistance and All Star Personal Assistant to the stars, Cecele is the lady who brings it all together.

What advice does she have for first-time guests to Greenhouse?

"Prepare yourself for an adventure... This is an experience that you won't find anywhere else! Exciting biting!"



Hidden Treasures & Noble Legends

Rounding off our wino social series is Matthew Day of Klein Constantia. Matt, as we know him, will be sharing some of his Hidden Treasures & Noble Legends with us in an evening filled with rare wines & delicious fodder.

Klein Constantia dates back to 1685 and has been described as “One of the most mythical vineyards in the world". Hold on tight as Matt takes us on a mesmerising wine voyage through uncharted waters. From unreleased labels to the legend of Napoleon’s wine, Vin de Constance, this social promises to be an unforgettable evening of discovery.

And in keeping with the theme of the evening, the menu will remain a surprise until the dish is placed in front of you. But, as it is the last of the series… be prepared for a showstopper, or in this case a seasonstopper!

Time : 7pm for 7:30pm
Date : 17 September 2016
Price : 5 courses 5 wines R1100


Twisting the Classics

Bevan and his family at Newton-Johnson Vineyards, on the chilly maritime slopes of the Hemel-en-Aarde valley, have been hard at work wooing the ‘heartbreak grape’ into doing their bidding. Recently recognised as one of the top 3 Pinot Noirs in the World, outside Burgundy; the Newton-Johnsons dig deep to honour the heritage of the noble Burgundian cultivars, while remaining true to the terroir of their valley.

Twisting the classics with their graceful take on Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays, Bevan’s clan produce mesmerising wines that regularly break hearts, resolves and records. In this evening of elegance and style, we sip on NJ Family Vineyards Pinot Noir & Chardonnay then sup on classic French with a Greenhouse twist.

Time : 7pm for 7:30pm
Date : 27 August 2016
Price : 5 courses 5 wines R1025


Liquid Soil of the Swartland

“Place above Progress” was Eben’s description of the Sadie family wine virtues. From the legendary Swartland comes a family of winemaking mavericks whose fruits of their labours are destined for legend even before the corks plug the necks. Adopting a philosophy of winemaking so bold and devoid of regret, that it is no wonder their wines sell out in a week.

Realising how lucky we were to have pilfered some bottles off his line, we are excited to share an evening flowing with the liquid soil of the Swartland with you. Never short on wit and a story or two, Eben hosts this evening where wines on the night include Skerpioen, Pofadder & Voetpad among others. And in respect of the language and the rich vein of Afrikaans-ness to the night, expect the food on the night to include Beesvleis, Viskop & Eendlewer among others!

Time : 7:30pm for 8pm
Date : 20 August 2016
Price : 5 courses 5 wines R1250


Stars & Stripes

Adam Mason will be kicking things off on 13 August for an evening of Stars & Stripes. The iconic striped label of Mulderbosch is one of the most distinctive brands on the market. With Adam’s deft touch and American wine pioneer Charles Banks’ experience; it garners annual stars in all categories. On this starry night, guests will experience Adam’s almost unattainable 1000 Miles Sauvignon Blanc, his world class Single Block W Chenin Blanc plus the remarkable 5* Faithful Hound, among others.

And then there’s the food… the bespoke menu promises surprise and quirk along its journey through the night which ends with the Greenhouse iconic dessert, The ‘Camembert’ Cheesecake, which makes a fitting return for this evening only.

Dressed up with Elgin sour cherries, red wine butter ice cream and ancient grain crackers; The Camembert Cheesecake whimsically plays on the concept of cheese & crackers in unique Greenhouse style. This is an evening sure to evoke memories and stir emotions.

Time : 7pm for 7:30pm
Date : 13 August 2016
Price : 5 courses 5 wines R1025


“Es, bibe, lude” - Pompeii, 79AD

Eat, drink, play

As life is too short to drink bad wine and eat unfortunate food, we created this sizzling series of eating & drinking socials to help you get through the Cape’s cold winter nights.

Our favourite winemaker friends-with-benefits are coming over for a quartet of exceptional nights.

Join us in celebrating the fruits of their labours in four evenings of delicious humour & merrymaking.

Winter at Greenhouse

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A selection of dishes, ingredients and behind the scenes kitchen shots- by Bruce Tuck

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