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Signature Dishes


Inspired by a very clever African bird, the fiscal shrike. An omnivorous bird that captures its prey and impales them onto an Acacia tree’s thorns for later consumption is definitely a highlight dish. Quail driven, this dish consists of a quail taco: beetroot infused diakkon, cucumber, turnip kimchi, suvied quail breast. Quail balantine: quail leg shredded from the bone, chicken mousse, panko, honey buchu, and then rolled in nuts and seeds to represent the bird is omnivorous. Lastly quail egg, softly boiled, egg yolk extracted yet replaced with a black truffle cream, dusted with flour and brick pastry and touched by an oven to seal flavors.


Braai is our local way of saying “cooked over an open flame” and bokkie is slang for Springbok. The Chef allows the Springbok to be kissed by a flame to give it a beautiful seer. Accompanied with shiitake tempura, fresh hakurei turnips and dressed with a black vinaigrette, or in other words, a great way to start your luncheon. This dish was developed for the Spring Menu, to be fresh and light but packed full of complexes flavor and texture.


A staple diet in South Africa, translated from Afrikaans to English as “sweet corn porridge.” generally consumed as a breakfast or as an accompaniment with a main course, but now redefined and served as a warm pudding. Flavors infused into the pap are white chocolate and tarragon, pistachio prali e for a crunch and topped with fruit aspects. Dehydrated and marinated guava, fresh raspberry and raspberry leather. The last aspect is a raspberry snow which gives the dish a mystical look.

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